25 February 2010

                      Where does one begin and the other end?

            and isn't it funny how the world fits in one single dew drop?

Everytime interesting how I appear to others. It's suprising, sometimes they tell you things you didn't know. Today I was told I have an infectious laugh, that I sparkle and appear to be happy.  It's nice to get compliments, every one likes it. You feel appreciated. I try to give many compliments, I think we do it too rarely. I'm not really used to them though. People rather tend to critize and make others feel bad to feel better in return, they project their frustations on you. I mean try to find your own mistakes first and not only in others, then we can talk again.
I'm really glad about my positive appearance but do I really radiate so much happiness? That people think  I'm carefree and well-protected because I'm not. That they get big eyes when I tell them the story of my life? And they realise my world isn't that okay I apparently seem to show? It's maybe because I don't see a point in bothering my whole environment, they might start to bother me and it's none of their business, if I got a problem I try to sort it out, ask my friend's advice or suffer in silence, I don't wreak my ill humor or rather my problems on others. That's unfair.
Everyone has its cross to bear. Some less, some more. Everyone has its good and bad days. The magic is to make the really bestest of the day, that's what I do. To fully enjoy and to cherish the happy moments. To shine even when clouds darken it, you call it weather!

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