29 July 2010

"Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter."
Mark Twain

by Sebastiaan Bremer

The last 2 days friends have visited me. It was great. 2 cozy mates which is easy to have fun with. We actually didn't really leave the house but main thing is we had always something to laugh about. The best was, Jan is a professional diving instructor, younger than me and Michi is doing a diving course supervised by him at the moment. Well they are best friends, so everything is easy-peasy. Michi was studying a little bit at my house and was doing the Open Water Diving Exam just like that at my balcony and I even was allowed to correct the test afterwards hehehe. Yes he passed it!
I really want to do a course now as well, in August I think before I move to the UK. Cool.  

26 July 2010

Today will only happen once
Make it count

How could I forget about those pictures I found on another blog?! I just can't remember which one it was, sorry! But they are way to cool to keep them hidden. Amazing, isn't it.

I want this, please!

by Ditte Isager

25 July 2010

One day of pure honesty

I was thinking when I would know I would die within the next couple of days or weeks, what would I change, what would I say, what would I do? And why do we actually most of the time come out with the truth when it's too late or when nothing matters anymore, if you have nothing to lose. Imagine one day of pure honesty, like you're telling everyone you see exactly what you really feel, to everyone. Would you dare? I wouldn't change a lot I think because I'm already living the dream but I would intensify it thousand times though! I also would go up to single friends and tell them everything what is in my heart, no secrets, no hiding.
why not now?  

Yesterday night was epic! Nice to see old faces and meeting new individuals!  Exploding glas clock, flinders all over, my face bleeding haha. Oh can't believe such a night will never ever happen again. Never ever. Hard to realise. I will miss you Mephisto for real, it's such a shame! It never will be the same without you....

24 July 2010

Yesterday a friend of mine started his new life in India, Kodaikanal for 1 year. Have a good trip Wastl Kastl! I'll be coming soon for a visit, you can be sure of that.

Today is the very very very last night in Mephisto. An alternative pub I used to work for, a second home, our meeting point since decades, a legend, an era which draws to an close. What for?! Fanatic non-smokers?
                                Live and let live! Please!
Don't fight against each other. Community not discrimination! Hello? Isn't it enough that smokers have to stand in a yellow square? Soon there will be labour camps or something? I don't understand it. We had smoker and non-smoker areas, everyone should have been satisfied. No reason to push it further. I think the most people weren't aware of the consequences like owners being forced to shut down their locations because of this rad smoker ban. What about all the shisha bars and others? Existences are being destroyed, this can not be real. I'm very disappointed, we're not working together but against each other. Fucking sad.
Anyway tonight we will be giving Mephisto the bestest goodbye it ever had! Let's go.......

22 July 2010

Optimist errs just the same as pessimist-
the optimist is only happier

I've again realised that there where I live people spend their holidays! As a young teenager I didn't get it, it was awful, only nature, meh. But today I understand, I appreciate it so much! It's lovely here. 
Again on my bike, sunglasses, Ipod on, to my secret spot of the lake, swimming, sunbathing and just as I sat on my saddle back home summerrain kicked in. If this isn't cool I don't know. 
People are moaning about the weather, 35 °C, seriously I love it! Anything is better than freezing and winter.
Enjoy the summer and shut up!

Two stories crossed my mind whilst lying at the lake,
the first one as we managed to lose the others in Morocco, don't ask me how this could happen but Wastl, Jan and Ryan decided to take the short cut down the abyss and we didn't join as we would take the way around. Since then we never met again this day, only one cellphone, no signal, right. It got dark really fast and we didn't really know what to do, so we decided to go down to the riverbed and look for a nice sleeping place and well yes, we found some, some nice massive rocks haha. But what about the others? When are we gonna meet them again without communication? Errrrm, at the latest at the airport in 7 days. Okay. 
Only some time in the afternoon the next day we infact got a message and could reach them by night haha. 

The other thing was, as I mentioned, we only had hand luggage, that means only 2 trousers, 2 t-shirts, 1 shirt, 1 skirt, some underpants and a towel for 10 days. And the special thing is I had those paprika in my bag which has gone really bad in the crazy heat and you wouldn't believe how it smelled!!!!! after acid. So it was fun though haha. I washed my stuff in the salty sea, it didn't really help as my bag would smell like hell. Well fuck it, I made immensely use of my 100 ml deo then.


21 July 2010

Right, Dieter wants to see more pictures, here we go:

I Like sunbaked skin mmmmmmmm. I've got a pretty tan after the trip. I'm literally brown. You look so much nicer with a healthy tan on your body, your skin shines. Summer pure yeah!
I think some things you have to experience yourself, you can not describe them.  Like Morocco, it's been the flair, the people, the landscapes, the situations, the company, the comments, the individuals, the atmosphere, the adventure, the youth, the summer, the images, all in one!  I only can repeat myself, it's been fucking amazing! I couldn't stop to get big eyes haha.

Yeah Woah hoh

20 July 2010

A small wisdom by me
In good, in true friend- and relationships no reproaching nor blaming exist. If it does though, it's not right! 

We planned on hiking in the morning and in the evening but somehow we realised we always started midday when it was the hottest. No shit, it was around 50 degrees hey. and we always landed in an overexpensive taxi at night which was driving like a maniac that we already told each other how our graves shall look like, exactly the thing we were trying to avoid haha.
It's very very cheap down there but actually you can travel without money cause somebody always will be giving you accomodation or food for free. Crazy. Yeah Morocco was crazy. It felt like in a different world, as if not from this planet. First time I've experienced this feeling.
Only hand luggage, I bought those shampoos for kids in 100 ml bottles and Ice age toothpaste with blue glitter, tee-hee! OH and we were permanently sweating, non-stop, 24 hour! You were taking a shower, you got out and it was the same, you could shower again. If we saw water somewhere in the nature, we ran and made us all wet, over everything. I was walking with my shoes into every water I could find to cool down my feet.

Bruises, scratches, sunbaked, bites, burned skin. if you see it , if you feel it, that's a succesful adventure for me.

On the way to the bay

Me gustas tu, we took our dealer's cellphone into custody and discovered this fantastimazing song which we were playing thousands times and more in our ardently loved Opium cave. Instead of giving away our guitar to children, we payed him with the guitar and he was the happiest man on earth. Oh us chaotic slobs haha.

18 July 2010

Jalla Jalla!

Morocco, me gustas tu

About two weeks no post! Omg, unacceptable, really. But I got a perfect excuse, it's Morocco hehe. The last couple of days I've been travelling through the landscapes of Morocco with a great company of 7 people I didn't know before ( only my mate Wastl) who turned out to be all musicians. So cool, we had a blast, a mega blast. Funny times! I'm really not into that all inclusive stuff. I mean you pay so much money to overeat yourself and spent the whole time in your hotel complex and you don't have the slightest idea of the country, the culture, its people. No, that's rubbish. I prefer to get a flight to Morocco for only 85 Euros and explore everything by myself. The cheaper, the better.
We slept on roofs, on fields, on rocks, on the beach, no tents, only the sky and you. We arrived at the airport half an hour before our flight was going and on the way back we even managed to arrive at the airport half an our after our flight was going and still got that one because we are chaotic lucky bums and our plane had a delay of 1 hour. Let's express it that way, it's been never boring.     
 I actually don't know how to start and what to tell, it happened tooooo much, too many impressions. Maybe first of all, hospitality in Morocco is number one. The people are incredibly helpful and they seem to have plenty of time, super chilled, life is long. 3 minutes mean 2 hours waiting, haha you get used to it, believe me, faster than you think. (Let's go, yeah in a moment, let's only drink one tea and smoke before we go, okay. 2 hours later, hmm let's go? tranquillo tranquillo,  in about 5 minutes, let's first roll another one, alright no problem ....) You only say hello and they offer you instantly something to drink, to eat, to sleep, amazing. We've been hiking through the Rif mountains to the sea, yes exciting, big adventure.

We even bought a guitar together, to play and sing and this song was our song, we played it over thousand times a day, it reminds me of everything, I wanna go back with you guys.

2 July 2010


Check, check...one... two

Bugger, I'm supposed to be at the WFF right now! First year since I was 16 I didn't go to a festival. My heart is ouch. All the peeps I will not see and all the amazing memories of last year, touching Oli Sykes' balls, losing my voice (they are folks they still don't know my real voice ha), building a professional tank with cannons out of our tent and weapons of beer cans to seize global dominance and failing on the way to the next beer stall, massivest hole in my pants exact in my crotch but who cared, night swimming in the sea, best hilarious striptease by Zuden, and and and and and and, sigh.
BUT I shall stop cause I will be going to Morocco next week and this is awesome again! Today was such a smooth working day too, so yay yay yay!

1 July 2010

Be thankful

-that you don't already have everything you desire, if you did, what would there to be to look forward to?
-when you don't know something, it gives you the opportunity to learn
-for the difficult times, during those times you grow
-for your limitations, they give you opportunity for improvement
-for each new challenge, it will build your strength and character
-for your mistakes, they will teach you valuable lessons
-when you're tired and weary, it means you've made a difference.

Alright now let's have some beer and chill!