20 July 2010

A small wisdom by me
In good, in true friend- and relationships no reproaching nor blaming exist. If it does though, it's not right! 

We planned on hiking in the morning and in the evening but somehow we realised we always started midday when it was the hottest. No shit, it was around 50 degrees hey. and we always landed in an overexpensive taxi at night which was driving like a maniac that we already told each other how our graves shall look like, exactly the thing we were trying to avoid haha.
It's very very cheap down there but actually you can travel without money cause somebody always will be giving you accomodation or food for free. Crazy. Yeah Morocco was crazy. It felt like in a different world, as if not from this planet. First time I've experienced this feeling.
Only hand luggage, I bought those shampoos for kids in 100 ml bottles and Ice age toothpaste with blue glitter, tee-hee! OH and we were permanently sweating, non-stop, 24 hour! You were taking a shower, you got out and it was the same, you could shower again. If we saw water somewhere in the nature, we ran and made us all wet, over everything. I was walking with my shoes into every water I could find to cool down my feet.

Bruises, scratches, sunbaked, bites, burned skin. if you see it , if you feel it, that's a succesful adventure for me.

On the way to the bay

Me gustas tu, we took our dealer's cellphone into custody and discovered this fantastimazing song which we were playing thousands times and more in our ardently loved Opium cave. Instead of giving away our guitar to children, we payed him with the guitar and he was the happiest man on earth. Oh us chaotic slobs haha.


  1. ich danke DIR.
    für diese wunderbaren bilder.
    ich war noch nie in marokko, würde da aber sehr gerne mal hin.
    ......und solange schau ich mir einfach deine bilder an, welche ich wirklich spitze finde.
    lieben gruß und noch ne schöne zeit.

  2. das ist echt lieb von dir :D
    danke danke danke! find ich echt toll, dass dir die bilder so gut gefallen, dann tu ich natürlich noch mehr drauf ;)
    oh marokko ist der hammer! da musst du auch mal unbedingt hin, die leute, die landschaft mmmmmmm, ne andere welt!
    liebe grüße zurück :)