18 July 2010

Jalla Jalla!

Morocco, me gustas tu

About two weeks no post! Omg, unacceptable, really. But I got a perfect excuse, it's Morocco hehe. The last couple of days I've been travelling through the landscapes of Morocco with a great company of 7 people I didn't know before ( only my mate Wastl) who turned out to be all musicians. So cool, we had a blast, a mega blast. Funny times! I'm really not into that all inclusive stuff. I mean you pay so much money to overeat yourself and spent the whole time in your hotel complex and you don't have the slightest idea of the country, the culture, its people. No, that's rubbish. I prefer to get a flight to Morocco for only 85 Euros and explore everything by myself. The cheaper, the better.
We slept on roofs, on fields, on rocks, on the beach, no tents, only the sky and you. We arrived at the airport half an hour before our flight was going and on the way back we even managed to arrive at the airport half an our after our flight was going and still got that one because we are chaotic lucky bums and our plane had a delay of 1 hour. Let's express it that way, it's been never boring.     
 I actually don't know how to start and what to tell, it happened tooooo much, too many impressions. Maybe first of all, hospitality in Morocco is number one. The people are incredibly helpful and they seem to have plenty of time, super chilled, life is long. 3 minutes mean 2 hours waiting, haha you get used to it, believe me, faster than you think. (Let's go, yeah in a moment, let's only drink one tea and smoke before we go, okay. 2 hours later, hmm let's go? tranquillo tranquillo,  in about 5 minutes, let's first roll another one, alright no problem ....) You only say hello and they offer you instantly something to drink, to eat, to sleep, amazing. We've been hiking through the Rif mountains to the sea, yes exciting, big adventure.

We even bought a guitar together, to play and sing and this song was our song, we played it over thousand times a day, it reminds me of everything, I wanna go back with you guys.


  1. so great pictures.
    have a nice time in marokko.
    from now on i recommend your blog my readers.
    best wishes

  2. awh thank you so much Dieter :)
    super happy to hear that, yaaay!
    :D cheers and thanks again xx