28 May 2010

I'm travelling to Instanbul today, by train. That means no post for 10 days. But I promise I will make it up after my trip! All excited, not packed yet. So hey ho let's go!

24 May 2010

Sunburned nose, petrol in my eye, 35 km ride, getting stuck in the deepest forest with two bikes what a laugh, muddy shoes, pretty lake, mosaicked, diving your feet in the water, smoking, enjoying the lovely weather, yes this was a delightful trip! 

The sun makes me feel like this, come have a listen

23 May 2010

"If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse."
Walt Disney

"Wether you think you can or think you can't, either way you are right."
Henry Ford- founder of Ford Motor Company

Mind over Matter
Happiness is an inside job

"The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do"
Steve Jobs- co-founder of Apple Inc.

The Streets - The Escapist from Vice Records on Vimeo.

18 May 2010

Practically it's impossible to lose a Dermal Anchor! As its name implies it's anchored under your skin. Solid and tight. Only piercers are able to remove it. Well for me it was even possible to lose one today, for some reason it already stuck out half-way and I had to give him relucting the killing stroke which did suqeeze my heart a little bit much. It's the third piercing in row I lost to afteraffects of getting stuck. I called him Dermy. Sigh.
BUT watching this makes me happy again.

Video and picture by Joshua Quintana, thank you :)

17 May 2010

I've worn chucks since I can remember. Even though I've first started with combat boots, then Doc Martens and finally ended up wearing those shoes. My last pair of chucks are these two you see above! Almost 1 year old. I didn't plan on bying any but whilst passing by the window shop they leaped out on me, fell in love totally thunderstruck as I saw the heart beat rate and 2 seconds later they were mine. I was so incredibly fascinated by the rate, only some weeks later I've come to realize they're OBVIOUSLY made by Pink Floyd. No comment.

16 May 2010

HAHAHAHA!!!!!!! I'm pissing myself right now! Those monsters are hilarious!!!!! Oh man, I'm so sorry guys it's only in german. I promise as soon as it's available in english, I will post it on here. You can't miss this one out, you just can't! Puuuh my stomache hurts. hahahaha!
Monsters of everyday life started off with postcards , so every good or bad habit of us humans is being satirically described in kinda Wikipedia style. Too funny for words :)

Spring fever monsters

Love sick Monster

15 May 2010

Story about Architects and my 3 attempts

1. Attempt:
I've really wanted to see Architects. That was the reason why I bought the tickets in the first place. 5 bands were playing. For me it was clear that Architects would be playing at the end as one of the headliners, that's why I didn't pay so much attention to the other bands. I was about on my way out for a cigarette as some guys totally bumped into me and barred my way. So I was standing there, looking at them until I couldn't wait any longer, a sorry guys, may I? did and weaved my way through them. Later inside again I just heard the last letter of the band's name, something with x or so, and I found them not too bad, nevertheless went outside again. 
At 0.30 am Comeback Kid stopped playing and everybody went home??????!!!!!!?!?!?! hm?!?! Did I not get something? but Architects were supposed to be playing!! I was pissed off and confused, back home in my bed I've suddenly realised it!! FUCK! THE GUYS who bumped into me have been the ARCHITECTS , I was standing all the time right next to them, haven't recognized them and spent my time outside as they were playing as first band and the x was from the swallowed (archite)cts. Aaaaaahhhhh! I guess stupidness has no limits, haha.

2. Attempt :
After hearing comments by my friends like- and how have been Architects? don't know. Why, weren't you there? Yes, I was. So why you don't know? Cause I missed them. You were there just because of them and you managed to miss them????? - I've promised myself  2 months later at the festival With Full Force, by all means this won't happen to me again. I even wrote down the time on my hand, when Architects were supposed to be playing. Just bad I hadn't a watch. So I was sitting on the camp site as cool as a cucumber, rock'n'rolling, as a friend means to me out of the blue, erm Eva, sorry to interrupt you and don't ask me why but the line- up says Architects are playing NOW! My new big Archticets fan friend and me looked at each other: SHIT! Jumped off, ran as maniacs to the stage which wasn't around the corner and arrived as the band left the stage: bye guys you were awesome! I was bewildered!!! no, no, no.

3. Attempt:
After missing them twice, veni vidi vici! I bought the tix, I went straight to the front and finally made it at the third time, I got to see Architects full steam!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

12 May 2010

I've never seen a falling star. Seriously! I haven't. That makes me kind of sad. But therefore this picture made me smile.

11 May 2010

Bull's eye

Haha peace Aga! Nice to meet ya sista! Welcome to the world of thoughts....
I really needed a glue today. I've looked everywhere, under my bed, in the bathroom, in the wardrobe but how could I hit the idea a glue could possibly be in the pencil case? See?!
I cut up our christmas tree today and got the big talent that things magically break or fall off as soon as I touch them, oopsy hehehe.
                                                     - The XX junkie

10 May 2010

Wherever the sun goes I go baby
you coming? 

I'm right in the source of creativity again, yeaaaah!!!! I'm full of inspiration, it's flowing out of me just like that.
Wrote a song yesterday, here we go:

Thousand million tears of joy exploding like
crystal rainbows inside of me
can't sit still, attraction is my healer
nightdust turns into love lust
boy you're my winner
due to you I feel dope better
fresh air whispers wild heart letters
higher higher flush
gosh. where to put all the beautific stuff?

mind-blowing real atmosphere
claps and cheer
what lekka vibe vibrating
creating colour magnets feeding hunger leaks
which've been perforating my human being.

no doubt whatsoever, I found my bloody lovely treasure
deep buried on the sandy surface right in front of me
I'm sticking to this flashy thunder
it's my plunder, dear I share it with you just dare

bang bang boom, brand-new attitude
the scales fell from my eyes
I'm holding gratitude tight
hey what a never ending high   

9 May 2010

Gosh. The Secret is a phenomenon. One year ago a friend suggested the book to me. I haven't read it till today, WHAT? how could I not? must have been totally insane. Fortunately another friend came up to me this week and said here, watch this! You'll be amazed. And I did and I was. Hey I'm safe to say, it's never been so easy. The law of attraction, but of course! Everything makes sense now, I wouldn't say it completely changed my way of thinking, nooo it improved it rapidly, I was on the right way but this gave me the ultimate kick. This was what I needed. Joyful and thankful. It works. No doubt at all. Warm feeling inside. Unstoppable. The world is yours. You got the love.

7 May 2010

To broaden your horizon

The legendary german Punkband Die Ärzte! And when they even say so.....yaaaay!

4 May 2010

So. What I wanted to say is that we have such a cool tradition over here in our bavarian surrounding related to the 1 may. We do not only put up this giant May tree in the center of our towns and villages, no! A deal better: the guys who fancy any girl are sneeking up to their houses overnight, climing the roof and attaching a small may tree on there. Then they have to stay and watch over it the entire night to prevent it from stealing. The guys still must hide from the girls though, it has to be a secret! And the next morning you can see which girl has admirers. But if you find a broom on your roof, well guess what that means. Only in the leap year girls are allowed to fix a may tree on a guys roof as well and I wouldn't be me if I hadn't tried that with a friend once, such a fun disaster hahaha.

2 May 2010

THIS T-Shirt plus THIS song, I think there was no better way to end the evening and start floating into the night. BOB!