15 May 2010

Story about Architects and my 3 attempts

1. Attempt:
I've really wanted to see Architects. That was the reason why I bought the tickets in the first place. 5 bands were playing. For me it was clear that Architects would be playing at the end as one of the headliners, that's why I didn't pay so much attention to the other bands. I was about on my way out for a cigarette as some guys totally bumped into me and barred my way. So I was standing there, looking at them until I couldn't wait any longer, a sorry guys, may I? did and weaved my way through them. Later inside again I just heard the last letter of the band's name, something with x or so, and I found them not too bad, nevertheless went outside again. 
At 0.30 am Comeback Kid stopped playing and everybody went home??????!!!!!!?!?!?! hm?!?! Did I not get something? but Architects were supposed to be playing!! I was pissed off and confused, back home in my bed I've suddenly realised it!! FUCK! THE GUYS who bumped into me have been the ARCHITECTS , I was standing all the time right next to them, haven't recognized them and spent my time outside as they were playing as first band and the x was from the swallowed (archite)cts. Aaaaaahhhhh! I guess stupidness has no limits, haha.

2. Attempt :
After hearing comments by my friends like- and how have been Architects? don't know. Why, weren't you there? Yes, I was. So why you don't know? Cause I missed them. You were there just because of them and you managed to miss them????? - I've promised myself  2 months later at the festival With Full Force, by all means this won't happen to me again. I even wrote down the time on my hand, when Architects were supposed to be playing. Just bad I hadn't a watch. So I was sitting on the camp site as cool as a cucumber, rock'n'rolling, as a friend means to me out of the blue, erm Eva, sorry to interrupt you and don't ask me why but the line- up says Architects are playing NOW! My new big Archticets fan friend and me looked at each other: SHIT! Jumped off, ran as maniacs to the stage which wasn't around the corner and arrived as the band left the stage: bye guys you were awesome! I was bewildered!!! no, no, no.

3. Attempt:
After missing them twice, veni vidi vici! I bought the tix, I went straight to the front and finally made it at the third time, I got to see Architects full steam!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

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