28 September 2010

"A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song."
Maya Angelou

Yes, LPW on Tuesdays will be epic ( Live Performance Workshop). On a boat called Thekla which makes it even more better! This week is basically an induction week programme to get to know everything, Bristol, school procedures, night life, all the other guys studying at BIMM and I love it so far. GOOD times!

Can't decide which one is better, Original or Remix. Both versions are great.

Cauliflower [PRDCTV Remix] by le sac Vs Pip

26 September 2010


Courage is like a muscle. We strengthen it with use
Ruth Gordon

We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give
Winston Churchill


24 September 2010

Enrollment at BIMM succesful.
I'm really happy to be here.

White Lies - Death (Crystal Castles Remix) from edd on Vimeo.

23 September 2010

“All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes, to make it possible.” Thomas Edward Lawrence

I want this as a poster please

So I guess the best is to never show up again at Sainsbury's. It mind ending up again breaking the poor self-service machine..... 

22 September 2010


the future is wide open

"Stapleton Road. Do not go anywhere near this place if you can help it and certainly don’t think about living here unless you are desperate and can’t afford anything else. Stapleton Road is known as the most dangerous road in Bristol with drug dealers and other such unsavoury characters roaming the streets."

Now guess where I spent 2 hours wandering around on my first day by my own at night in Bristol?? Yeah right. Exactly there. I actually haven't had a clue about that "extremly dangerous" area until I asked a guy for the way and he looked at me and said: " Oooooh Eastville? Seriously?! Are you sure girl? I wouldn't go there if I were you!" But it's been my friend's birthday so I had to go. That means I checked in, let all my stuff fall on the ground, took a shower, went to the kitchen and said to my new housemates: ' Hey I'm Eva, nice to meet you but I'm sorry, I gotta go to a party, see you in 2 days' and off I went. First couldn't find the right bus to Eastville and second in Eastville I couldn't find Lois' Road. It seemed nobody in this world knew where it was. After asking about 30 people and straying around I eventually found her house!! Oh dear, my mate has been so worried, she wouldn't stop crying as I arrived at her house, alive and straight from Germany. Surreal moment!
Party was great, met new lovely people, Vegans to be exact, haha why not! Next day off to this Vegan Benefit Gig which was pretty nice as well. Just don't tell anybody I eat cheese and meat. BOB.

Hell Inspiring
My words

21 September 2010

Amateur photographer and full time physicist Kristian Cvecek spends nights in woodlands waiting for fireflies to come out so he can capture them on camera. With a long shutter speed, the fireflies’ paths are painted in a digital image.

Yes I arrived in Bristol. On Friday. Let's tell you what happened basically. Everything already started at the start. Bus from Schwandorf to Berlin should arrive at 18.15. In the middle of the way they said something is broken and we need to change the bus for security reasons. Right. After the change we were stuck twice in a traffic jam through car accidents. Nice. It wasn't like I had to catch the bus to London at 19.00 in Berlin. So I asked the riders if they could call somebody at the ZOB and tell them to wait. The other bus wouldn't wait too long for me though so I've been tensed up a bit till we finally arrived Berlin at 7 pm. So everything had to go at a good pace, it was just that my suitcase happende to be the very very last one somewhere in the last corner under the other luggage. The word starts with t....... Nils my mate, was already awaiting me at the station, fortunately he was there and could stay by my stuff whilst running around the station to check in and assuring my bus to London wouldn't leave without me now that I was there. Funny that everybody on this station knew my name by now. I only had 10 minutes to talk to Nils but I'm really happy he came and helped me out, thanks again! Then the London bus had a delay of 30 minutes because of me, so I sat down in the last row just to make sure haha. Anyway, long long way ahead, in the morning spend about 3 hours at the borders, drove in this strange train sitting inside the bus through the tunnel and arrived London with a delay of 4 hours. Good that I've already expected something like that and preventively booked the bus to Bristol exactly 4 hours later. That means I had 10 minutes to change the bus and with my luggage of 80 kilo I was creeping to the other station. At 5 pm, after 27 hours, I arrived at Bristol.
I could only check into my house till 6 though, still thought hey one hour time, easily. I'm gonna walk. Nothing easily, shortly before collapsing with my luggage, I've decided to take a taxi, all the way back again and arrived two minutes to 6 and could stop the guy ready to shut down. Wow, how nerve-jangling my travelling was.  
Hey I love this video too hehe!

15 September 2010

Now I'm sitting here in my room and looking at my ' I need this 99 %' stuff and have to leave it heavy-hearted. Not much left of the ' I need this 100%' though. Two bags for emigrating is really not much, even though that was already only the bare necessities. Damn, still better if I would have taken the plane, there I basically would've moved with 20 kg which is nothing, that's some books and a small pack of clothes. Oh my, what can I say. It's difficult. I feel kinda confined and disadvantaged. If only somebody would help or waiting for me when I arrive, would be just easier. But hey, I'm somehow listening to this song while packing. And see you in Bristol.

Russ Chimes - Midnight Club EP (Part 3: Targa) from Russ Chimes on Vimeo.

Last ride with my bikie through the forest, soaking wet, rain drops falling down my nose tip, on the way back, I left pitch black clouds and rode towards the blue sky with sunset, amazing!
And today sunny as well, it just makes everything outright better. I'm off.

13 September 2010

you are whatever you choose to be

Bristoooooool is coming clooooooser! This thursday, I'll be on my way to England. Yes. 
New chapter begins.

And welcome Mel :)

11 September 2010

 Become again like a wondering child who discovers the world, every moment new! 

The shortest way between two people is a smile

9 September 2010

Did you ever take a shower while your entire house was vibrating? NO? Don't do it! It's gonna hurt you!
I feel like in a quaratine, the whole village is closed, road works. It's crazy. I ignored the barriers and escaped with the car the other way, to my friends in Haag. Sat Nav led me in a field. I was really standing in a fucking field and couldn't turn around, haha. Anyway the new house of my friends is perfect. A house in the country, I stopped for ducks crossing the street, I stroked a calf, it was a pub and now they're making a studio out of it, the cold store is gonna be for the vocal recording, the bar and the huge room for the instruments and stuff. Very nice, very nice. It's lovely. I want something like this for the future. A rural spacious house in a little place, oh yes. 

8 September 2010

7 September 2010

Oh I got a feeling
and it's shaking here right now
and I don't know the reason why


And it shine so high

6 September 2010



My farewell party " Goodvibe till the bitter end" on saturday was dope! Just fun! To party at a lake with bonfire, great music, great people and a jumping castle! What more could one want?? Good times! Walked through fire, got stuck in a bridge and danced till death. Thank you for coming and all the love!!!!!

My bouncy castle, I called it Ben 

3 September 2010

Keep your face to the sunshine and you will never see the shadow

Quite busy, preparations don't stop. Now for my farewell party on saturday which is tomorrow!
I always wished to have a jumping castle for one evening and I was looking for one a long time and now it's coming true, I'm gonna have one tomorrow :D This is just too cool!
And I'm so grateful for everybody who's helping me out. I don't think it's the same in a city but in the countryside it's so great how neighbours and friends are helping each other, no matter what! If it's the wood for the bonfire at the lake, benches, tables, trailer, tents, speakers, music and and and. Thank you all!