21 September 2010

Amateur photographer and full time physicist Kristian Cvecek spends nights in woodlands waiting for fireflies to come out so he can capture them on camera. With a long shutter speed, the fireflies’ paths are painted in a digital image.

Yes I arrived in Bristol. On Friday. Let's tell you what happened basically. Everything already started at the start. Bus from Schwandorf to Berlin should arrive at 18.15. In the middle of the way they said something is broken and we need to change the bus for security reasons. Right. After the change we were stuck twice in a traffic jam through car accidents. Nice. It wasn't like I had to catch the bus to London at 19.00 in Berlin. So I asked the riders if they could call somebody at the ZOB and tell them to wait. The other bus wouldn't wait too long for me though so I've been tensed up a bit till we finally arrived Berlin at 7 pm. So everything had to go at a good pace, it was just that my suitcase happende to be the very very last one somewhere in the last corner under the other luggage. The word starts with t....... Nils my mate, was already awaiting me at the station, fortunately he was there and could stay by my stuff whilst running around the station to check in and assuring my bus to London wouldn't leave without me now that I was there. Funny that everybody on this station knew my name by now. I only had 10 minutes to talk to Nils but I'm really happy he came and helped me out, thanks again! Then the London bus had a delay of 30 minutes because of me, so I sat down in the last row just to make sure haha. Anyway, long long way ahead, in the morning spend about 3 hours at the borders, drove in this strange train sitting inside the bus through the tunnel and arrived London with a delay of 4 hours. Good that I've already expected something like that and preventively booked the bus to Bristol exactly 4 hours later. That means I had 10 minutes to change the bus and with my luggage of 80 kilo I was creeping to the other station. At 5 pm, after 27 hours, I arrived at Bristol.
I could only check into my house till 6 though, still thought hey one hour time, easily. I'm gonna walk. Nothing easily, shortly before collapsing with my luggage, I've decided to take a taxi, all the way back again and arrived two minutes to 6 and could stop the guy ready to shut down. Wow, how nerve-jangling my travelling was.  
Hey I love this video too hehe!

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