22 September 2010


the future is wide open

"Stapleton Road. Do not go anywhere near this place if you can help it and certainly don’t think about living here unless you are desperate and can’t afford anything else. Stapleton Road is known as the most dangerous road in Bristol with drug dealers and other such unsavoury characters roaming the streets."

Now guess where I spent 2 hours wandering around on my first day by my own at night in Bristol?? Yeah right. Exactly there. I actually haven't had a clue about that "extremly dangerous" area until I asked a guy for the way and he looked at me and said: " Oooooh Eastville? Seriously?! Are you sure girl? I wouldn't go there if I were you!" But it's been my friend's birthday so I had to go. That means I checked in, let all my stuff fall on the ground, took a shower, went to the kitchen and said to my new housemates: ' Hey I'm Eva, nice to meet you but I'm sorry, I gotta go to a party, see you in 2 days' and off I went. First couldn't find the right bus to Eastville and second in Eastville I couldn't find Lois' Road. It seemed nobody in this world knew where it was. After asking about 30 people and straying around I eventually found her house!! Oh dear, my mate has been so worried, she wouldn't stop crying as I arrived at her house, alive and straight from Germany. Surreal moment!
Party was great, met new lovely people, Vegans to be exact, haha why not! Next day off to this Vegan Benefit Gig which was pretty nice as well. Just don't tell anybody I eat cheese and meat. BOB.

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