31 August 2010

" Don't allow your mind tell your heart what to do. The mind gives up easily."
Paulo Coelho

- summer party on friday, mega fun, super drunk, had to take my dog with, was the middle of attention haha
- weekend mainly cleaned up after 3 weeks total mess and some maggots
- happy because my future is safe for the next year! what a great feeling!
- much to do, paper work and stuff before moving to Bristol, exciting and nervous

Lately, even though I actually don't watch TV since years, I got stuck on a program about fat german kids spending some weeks in the Kalahari desert to lose weight. Vicarious embarrassment!! The african tribe was so kind, friendly, lovely and above all peaceful. The kids were just spoiled, shouting around at each other and acting ruthless. They showed no interest nor respect towards their hosts. The africans said they were scared of those people because they are being so loud, they didn't understand their behavour. They are in close communion with the nature and themselves and that's the point, that's what you wish to find, to be in peace with yourself and the world. The "white" kids were shallow creatures, most of them with a mean character, trying to talk others down only to feel better or put themselves in a dominant position and even being proud of it. For god's sake, this is ridiculous, there is nothing to be proud about in this acting! I turned it off. I just really hope the time in Africa will open their eyes and turn them to a better person.
and that's why I don't watch TV anymore haha, it's annoying me.  

27 August 2010

Summer is you

Those two street musicians from Berlin are the shit! Groovy like hell, like it loads. Especially how he uses his violine. Real artists.

26 August 2010

Thank you for this song, I could listen to this all day and night.

25 August 2010

Don't judge

watch and let this enchant you

M83 - We Own the Sky from Mute Records on Vimeo.

24 August 2010

Are you okay? Yeah, I still have a penis.

"Let's Get Mystical" - End Montage + Credits from Mutiny Bikes on Vimeo.

and this video kicked me back, the combination of both song and video is simply cracker!

23 August 2010

to       ABANDON

I'm in a very very very strange mood today. I don't know what the hell is going on. My thoughts go head over heels. I'm in this mood to bare all, this I don't care anymore feeling, to leave all behind and run away, I feel like this moment you've been drowning in water and just coming up to take your first breath.
It would be just really nice not to go alone through life.To know someone is loving you as strong as you love the other person, unconditional and is waiting for you to come home. a hug and a kiss. Just some love, that's all.  

I'm outta here, bye.

I feel exactly like this video. I think I'm going mad.

22 August 2010

Unplanned, Friday from 8 pm till 2 pm the next day, basically 17 hours non-stop we'd been watching movies!! After 4 bottles of wine and dim light all the hours, the bright reality seemed a little bit harsh outside. Don't ask me why we just didn't stop earlier, I don't know, I tend to extreme things I guess haha.
Saturday 3 hours sleep, next mate arrived, tracklist, nice!  

The number of the beast

17 August 2010


Let go from difficulties of your past, cultural codes and social beliefs. You are the only one who can create the life you deserve!

Impossible is possible

I need to tell you this. My friend Ben has been looking for a song about 5 years. He spent hours googleing it with no result. I had not the slightest clue about this nor the tune! Yesterday I found a sweet song somewhere , you would say randomly, in the endless web and instantly knew he would like it too, so I sent it to him. Hey craziness!!! This was exactly THE song he was trying to find over years!!!! Do you understand? There are no such big coincidences. It's something higher, something better, read The Secret.  

Everything happens for a reason,
nothing happens by chance or by means
of good luck.

Illness, injury, love,
lost moments of true greatness and sheer
stupidity all occur to test the limits
of your soul. Without these small
tests, life would be like a smoothly
paved, straight, flat road to nowhere,
safe and comfortable but dull and
utterly pointless.

Sometimes people come into your life
and you know right away that they were
meant to be there... to serve some
sort of purpose, teach you a lesson or
help figure out who you are or who you
want to become. You never know who
these people may be but when you look
eyes with them, you know that every
moment that you are with them, they
will affect your life in some profound
way. And sometimes things happen to
you at the time that may seem horrible,
painful and unfair, but in reflection
you realize that without overcoming
those obstacles you would have never
realized your potential, strength,
will power or heart.

The people you meet affect your life.
The successes and downfalls that you
experience can create who you are, and
the bad experiences can be learned
from.... In fact, they are probably the
most poignant and important ones.
If someone hurts you, betrays you or
breaks your heart, forgive them because
they have helped you learn about trust
and the importance of being cautious
to whom you open your heart. If someone
loves you, love them back unconditionally
not only because they love you, but
also because they are teaching you to
love and open your heart and eyes to
little things.

thanks to Anky ;)

16 August 2010

"The simple things are the most extraordinary, but only a pure heart can recognize them."
Paulo Coelho

I can't believe how time is running. I haven't had a post since 6 days. Okay.
I always had something in my mind but didn't make it to write it down. Nevertheless the weekend was awesome! Good times for sure! I was laughing non stop I think. There was this Cave Cladium, a middle ages party we went to and afterwards to Big Mouth, our punk pub. 16 hours party and a kick-ass flea market in the morning, hilarious! I met so many friends that evening I haven't seen for so long, it was great! It's another "meeting gathering point" once a year where you know you're gonna find most of your people. When I look back at saturday I'm getting kind of sad about leaving. But there will be still my party, pheww! And it's only the UK. It's not the other end of the world like last time. It'll be okay I think.

Star Slinger :: May I Walk With You by Beachtapes

11 August 2010

This red VW-Bus was standing in the forest today!
I was all about to steal it!

Smile, it scares people

I just managed to pay off my study fees for BIMM, my school in Bristol. Like all of them. Every single penny. This is such a massive relief! It took me exactly one entire year to do it, to work and save and save and save. Wow. Holding the enrolment form in my hands today is overwhelming, it brings happy tears in my eyes. This time last year everything already could have happened but it didn't because I couldn't afford it in that short time so it seemed like the end of the world for me, like serious. I thought my life is over, one year waiting, one year of waste, gutted. I've seen no alternative. BUT  just stood up again and in hindsight this year wasn't easy but not in the least a minute of waste. I met such wonderful people, I've learned and grown hugely a lot and now I'm more than ready to start living my dream fully! Fuck I'm HAPPY! 

7 August 2010


Yes if parents are out of the house we call it storm- free in german! It really feels like it for me, storm FREE, I'm so released I can't tell anybody! My mum's gone for some weeks, that means finally peace for me!

Yesterday I've been to a funeral of an utterly kind person, such a good soul has gone. Robert Schander my former piano teacher and a close friend of my mum. He changed a lot in this world. He lived for music and believed in no limits.Thank you! He said:

Be happy with me, that I could be with you! 

Two days ago I found my friend again(yes on facebook) who is near and dear to me, we hadn't been in touch about 3 years. He just joined in. It's hard to get Internet in south african bush. And I am so so happy to get a hold on him now, it's wonderful! 
Another epic thing happened just now to me! I wanna do this farewell party before I go, to have all my friends together for a last time. And I was thinking about a DJ but I actually didn't really know anybody and didn't want to spend money on one and today I just met a guy who turned out to be one and he offered to do it for free!!!!!!!!! This is so cool! Makes me all excited!

Another great song by Kensington, go for it!

4 August 2010

I don't have a cellphone anymore since June and I'm still alive haha. Yeah seriously, no problem! I will get a new prepaid card in England though. But for now I have landline and Facebook which should be enough really. I actually enjoy it.

This is Piggey the pigeon, she used to live with me for a while

And this song is kick-ass, thanks Chrissy!

Fucking hell, please mother! Just let me be, let me breathe, let me live my life for god's sake!

3 August 2010

by joshua quintana

Ben's story about teaching his little brother mountain biking reminded of this one:

" She was on the beach with her father, and he asked her to go and see what the temperature of the water was like. She was five years old and glad to be able to help. She went to the water's edge and dipped in a toe.
'I put my feet in and it's cold,' she told him.
Her father picked her up and carried her down to the water again and, without any warning, threw her in. She was shocked at first, but then laughed out loud at the trick he'd played.
'How's the water?' asked her father.
'It's lovely,' she replied.
'Right, from now on, whenever you want to findout about something, plunge straight in.'

This band called Kensington are friends of my friends, so go go go and have a listen! I really dig the video, so professional!

1 August 2010

The moon has been this big on the way back from Augsburg after helping out my sister with moving

Courage is being afraid but going on anyhow. ~Dan Rather

but what's actually important is this:

Perceiving without judgement and
Wishing without expectations

I had too much expectations, so I got too disappointed. No expectations, no disappointement. Right, not easy, but I'm working on me every day. Get better!
I found some fantastic quotations and lost them. Then as looking for the others I found new ones.

Life is a progress, not a station

“Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe that your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires courage.”

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

What you are comes to you
 "So, what exactly does lie within all of us? That’s the big question, isn’t it? Within all of us lie so many things…hopes and fears, truths and lies, the past and the future…along with the full compliment of the good and the bad. I like to think that within all of us lie not only the potentially heroic, but the potentially tragic as well. It’s what we do with it that makes all the difference. to take an honest look inside themselves, and confront what really does lie within. It’s not always easy to honestly confront all of those little assumptions that we’ve based our entire lives upon. And, everyone has a past…one that most of us carry around with us as a constant companion, albeit a sometimes-unwelcome one.
Personally, I have also long been intrigued by the many little lies that we all tell ourselves along the way…lies that eventually seem to take on a life of their own in our consciousness."   - Rickdog