16 August 2010

"The simple things are the most extraordinary, but only a pure heart can recognize them."
Paulo Coelho

I can't believe how time is running. I haven't had a post since 6 days. Okay.
I always had something in my mind but didn't make it to write it down. Nevertheless the weekend was awesome! Good times for sure! I was laughing non stop I think. There was this Cave Cladium, a middle ages party we went to and afterwards to Big Mouth, our punk pub. 16 hours party and a kick-ass flea market in the morning, hilarious! I met so many friends that evening I haven't seen for so long, it was great! It's another "meeting gathering point" once a year where you know you're gonna find most of your people. When I look back at saturday I'm getting kind of sad about leaving. But there will be still my party, pheww! And it's only the UK. It's not the other end of the world like last time. It'll be okay I think.

Star Slinger :: May I Walk With You by Beachtapes

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