7 August 2010


Yes if parents are out of the house we call it storm- free in german! It really feels like it for me, storm FREE, I'm so released I can't tell anybody! My mum's gone for some weeks, that means finally peace for me!

Yesterday I've been to a funeral of an utterly kind person, such a good soul has gone. Robert Schander my former piano teacher and a close friend of my mum. He changed a lot in this world. He lived for music and believed in no limits.Thank you! He said:

Be happy with me, that I could be with you! 

Two days ago I found my friend again(yes on facebook) who is near and dear to me, we hadn't been in touch about 3 years. He just joined in. It's hard to get Internet in south african bush. And I am so so happy to get a hold on him now, it's wonderful! 
Another epic thing happened just now to me! I wanna do this farewell party before I go, to have all my friends together for a last time. And I was thinking about a DJ but I actually didn't really know anybody and didn't want to spend money on one and today I just met a guy who turned out to be one and he offered to do it for free!!!!!!!!! This is so cool! Makes me all excited!

Another great song by Kensington, go for it!

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