31 August 2010

" Don't allow your mind tell your heart what to do. The mind gives up easily."
Paulo Coelho

- summer party on friday, mega fun, super drunk, had to take my dog with, was the middle of attention haha
- weekend mainly cleaned up after 3 weeks total mess and some maggots
- happy because my future is safe for the next year! what a great feeling!
- much to do, paper work and stuff before moving to Bristol, exciting and nervous

Lately, even though I actually don't watch TV since years, I got stuck on a program about fat german kids spending some weeks in the Kalahari desert to lose weight. Vicarious embarrassment!! The african tribe was so kind, friendly, lovely and above all peaceful. The kids were just spoiled, shouting around at each other and acting ruthless. They showed no interest nor respect towards their hosts. The africans said they were scared of those people because they are being so loud, they didn't understand their behavour. They are in close communion with the nature and themselves and that's the point, that's what you wish to find, to be in peace with yourself and the world. The "white" kids were shallow creatures, most of them with a mean character, trying to talk others down only to feel better or put themselves in a dominant position and even being proud of it. For god's sake, this is ridiculous, there is nothing to be proud about in this acting! I turned it off. I just really hope the time in Africa will open their eyes and turn them to a better person.
and that's why I don't watch TV anymore haha, it's annoying me.  

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