3 August 2010

by joshua quintana

Ben's story about teaching his little brother mountain biking reminded of this one:

" She was on the beach with her father, and he asked her to go and see what the temperature of the water was like. She was five years old and glad to be able to help. She went to the water's edge and dipped in a toe.
'I put my feet in and it's cold,' she told him.
Her father picked her up and carried her down to the water again and, without any warning, threw her in. She was shocked at first, but then laughed out loud at the trick he'd played.
'How's the water?' asked her father.
'It's lovely,' she replied.
'Right, from now on, whenever you want to findout about something, plunge straight in.'

This band called Kensington are friends of my friends, so go go go and have a listen! I really dig the video, so professional!


  1. Love the video, aaaand the story! :D haha xxxxx

  2. haha glad you dooooooo benji boo ;) xxxx