9 September 2010

Did you ever take a shower while your entire house was vibrating? NO? Don't do it! It's gonna hurt you!
I feel like in a quaratine, the whole village is closed, road works. It's crazy. I ignored the barriers and escaped with the car the other way, to my friends in Haag. Sat Nav led me in a field. I was really standing in a fucking field and couldn't turn around, haha. Anyway the new house of my friends is perfect. A house in the country, I stopped for ducks crossing the street, I stroked a calf, it was a pub and now they're making a studio out of it, the cold store is gonna be for the vocal recording, the bar and the huge room for the instruments and stuff. Very nice, very nice. It's lovely. I want something like this for the future. A rural spacious house in a little place, oh yes. 

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