10 May 2010

Wherever the sun goes I go baby
you coming? 

I'm right in the source of creativity again, yeaaaah!!!! I'm full of inspiration, it's flowing out of me just like that.
Wrote a song yesterday, here we go:

Thousand million tears of joy exploding like
crystal rainbows inside of me
can't sit still, attraction is my healer
nightdust turns into love lust
boy you're my winner
due to you I feel dope better
fresh air whispers wild heart letters
higher higher flush
gosh. where to put all the beautific stuff?

mind-blowing real atmosphere
claps and cheer
what lekka vibe vibrating
creating colour magnets feeding hunger leaks
which've been perforating my human being.

no doubt whatsoever, I found my bloody lovely treasure
deep buried on the sandy surface right in front of me
I'm sticking to this flashy thunder
it's my plunder, dear I share it with you just dare

bang bang boom, brand-new attitude
the scales fell from my eyes
I'm holding gratitude tight
hey what a never ending high   

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