4 May 2010

So. What I wanted to say is that we have such a cool tradition over here in our bavarian surrounding related to the 1 may. We do not only put up this giant May tree in the center of our towns and villages, no! A deal better: the guys who fancy any girl are sneeking up to their houses overnight, climing the roof and attaching a small may tree on there. Then they have to stay and watch over it the entire night to prevent it from stealing. The guys still must hide from the girls though, it has to be a secret! And the next morning you can see which girl has admirers. But if you find a broom on your roof, well guess what that means. Only in the leap year girls are allowed to fix a may tree on a guys roof as well and I wouldn't be me if I hadn't tried that with a friend once, such a fun disaster hahaha.

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