2 July 2010


Check, check...one... two

Bugger, I'm supposed to be at the WFF right now! First year since I was 16 I didn't go to a festival. My heart is ouch. All the peeps I will not see and all the amazing memories of last year, touching Oli Sykes' balls, losing my voice (they are folks they still don't know my real voice ha), building a professional tank with cannons out of our tent and weapons of beer cans to seize global dominance and failing on the way to the next beer stall, massivest hole in my pants exact in my crotch but who cared, night swimming in the sea, best hilarious striptease by Zuden, and and and and and and, sigh.
BUT I shall stop cause I will be going to Morocco next week and this is awesome again! Today was such a smooth working day too, so yay yay yay!

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