25 July 2010

One day of pure honesty

I was thinking when I would know I would die within the next couple of days or weeks, what would I change, what would I say, what would I do? And why do we actually most of the time come out with the truth when it's too late or when nothing matters anymore, if you have nothing to lose. Imagine one day of pure honesty, like you're telling everyone you see exactly what you really feel, to everyone. Would you dare? I wouldn't change a lot I think because I'm already living the dream but I would intensify it thousand times though! I also would go up to single friends and tell them everything what is in my heart, no secrets, no hiding.
why not now?  

Yesterday night was epic! Nice to see old faces and meeting new individuals!  Exploding glas clock, flinders all over, my face bleeding haha. Oh can't believe such a night will never ever happen again. Never ever. Hard to realise. I will miss you Mephisto for real, it's such a shame! It never will be the same without you....

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