24 July 2010

Yesterday a friend of mine started his new life in India, Kodaikanal for 1 year. Have a good trip Wastl Kastl! I'll be coming soon for a visit, you can be sure of that.

Today is the very very very last night in Mephisto. An alternative pub I used to work for, a second home, our meeting point since decades, a legend, an era which draws to an close. What for?! Fanatic non-smokers?
                                Live and let live! Please!
Don't fight against each other. Community not discrimination! Hello? Isn't it enough that smokers have to stand in a yellow square? Soon there will be labour camps or something? I don't understand it. We had smoker and non-smoker areas, everyone should have been satisfied. No reason to push it further. I think the most people weren't aware of the consequences like owners being forced to shut down their locations because of this rad smoker ban. What about all the shisha bars and others? Existences are being destroyed, this can not be real. I'm very disappointed, we're not working together but against each other. Fucking sad.
Anyway tonight we will be giving Mephisto the bestest goodbye it ever had! Let's go.......

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