22 July 2010

Optimist errs just the same as pessimist-
the optimist is only happier

I've again realised that there where I live people spend their holidays! As a young teenager I didn't get it, it was awful, only nature, meh. But today I understand, I appreciate it so much! It's lovely here. 
Again on my bike, sunglasses, Ipod on, to my secret spot of the lake, swimming, sunbathing and just as I sat on my saddle back home summerrain kicked in. If this isn't cool I don't know. 
People are moaning about the weather, 35 °C, seriously I love it! Anything is better than freezing and winter.
Enjoy the summer and shut up!

Two stories crossed my mind whilst lying at the lake,
the first one as we managed to lose the others in Morocco, don't ask me how this could happen but Wastl, Jan and Ryan decided to take the short cut down the abyss and we didn't join as we would take the way around. Since then we never met again this day, only one cellphone, no signal, right. It got dark really fast and we didn't really know what to do, so we decided to go down to the riverbed and look for a nice sleeping place and well yes, we found some, some nice massive rocks haha. But what about the others? When are we gonna meet them again without communication? Errrrm, at the latest at the airport in 7 days. Okay. 
Only some time in the afternoon the next day we infact got a message and could reach them by night haha. 

The other thing was, as I mentioned, we only had hand luggage, that means only 2 trousers, 2 t-shirts, 1 shirt, 1 skirt, some underpants and a towel for 10 days. And the special thing is I had those paprika in my bag which has gone really bad in the crazy heat and you wouldn't believe how it smelled!!!!! after acid. So it was fun though haha. I washed my stuff in the salty sea, it didn't really help as my bag would smell like hell. Well fuck it, I made immensely use of my 100 ml deo then.



  1. so, so wunderbare bilder.
    das gäbe sicher auch eine schöne ausstellung nach deiner rückkehr.
    ich bekomm hier jedesmal sowas von fernweh...
    thanx for sharing.
    .....und sei dir sicher, wenn du was neues reinstellst freu ich mich.
    weiterhin alles gute.

  2. Hey Dieter :) dankeschöööööön! hab wegen dir noch paar extra fotos drauf gemacht ;) morgen werden noch mehr folgen!
    ich bin wieder aus marokko zurück und vermiss es jetzt schon.....seufz! es war unglaublich, werd bestimmt bald wieder dahinreisen.
    ich wünsch dir was, ciaooo