30 March 2010

It's 1966, the greatest era for British Rock 'n' Roll.
But BBC Radio plays less than 45 minutes of pop music a day. Fortunately pirate radio stations anchored in the north sea and play Rock and Pop 24 hours a day. And 25 million people, half the population of Britain listen to the pirates every single day. And this doesn't only happen in Britain. There are pirate radio ships all over the european sea. In France, Sweden, Netherlands, Finland to name a few.

Pirate Radio Ship Caroline 

By the summer of 1967 the golden age of  British Pirate Radio was over. But their big dream never died. There are now 299 music stations across the United Kingdom. They play Rock and Pop all day and all of the night.
And as for Rock 'n'  Roll, well it's had a pretty good 40 years!



  1. Love this post! so inspiring :) xxxxx

  2. haha awwh i know i know Ben :D
    It has totally awakened my interest!! im as keen as mustard! watched "the boat that rocked" yesterday and it's based on this whole pirate ships story! Ben! you have to watch it, i got it on my laptop and the soundtrack is a must :) xxxxxxx