11 March 2010

When I look around
I think this, this is good enough
and I try to laugh
at whatever life brings
cuz when I look down
I miss all the good stuff
and when I look up
I just trip over things
- Little Plastic Castle, As is

Yesterday night I got really touched by all the comments on the To Write Love On Her Arms page. It made me cry. I just lit the candle next to my friend's picture who died last year and looked around facebook as I got stuck on this one status. Over 500 comments and all people who shared their sorrow by losing someone mostly through suicide, this got under my skin and threw me back in my past. I collected some of the words on here because I think they're worth to remember.

 -this is the real shit ,they were here for a reason and they had a purpose, its sad that at times we only realize what their purpose was after they have already gone. If they only knew the impact they had on our lives , maybe things would be differnt, not necessairly better but definately different, his death is what made me promise i would never do the same. it destroys everyone around you. it sucks.
-If you're losing yourself hold on, you should be inspired that you've come so far
-and the pain is still just as strong
-life is beautiful if you allow yourself to enjoy it
-It almost seems like the longer someone is gone, the more people forget. Thanks for giving us all reminders.
- needed to hear this today too. I lost my brother in October and it feels as though everyone else in the world has moved on with their lives while I'm still stuck on that day.
-I'm losing myself too. If you feel like you are losing yourself and who you are, there is help. I am in that situation and I don't feel like I need a knife anymore. This group has helped and so has observations of the hurt it puts on people.
-What a wonderful thought! I lost my son and it warms my heart to know that his story matters.
-the joy of his life will forever outweigh the pain of his death.
- I came close to losing myself. Which is no longer hard to admit. Yes i have self harmed amongst other things. But i see now that this world is a beautiful place to live in....if you can see the true beauty. You just have to look past all the Bullsh*t. No one ever said life was going to be easy. Treat it as a challenge. See each day as a success. Don't use your body as a canvas....use your memories and your future to paint your masterpiece. And for those of you who have lost someone...they are never truly lost for they have never truly left. A memory is all you need for that person to survive. Remember their smell, their voice, their smile, their embrace or the way they made you laugh. They can never be replaced. But love is the move ment. And love is the healer.
- I have been to the darkest places imaginable and was hi en a second chance when I tried to take my own life. I will always struggle and always, always miss him. But I have joy in my life and a purpose though I may not know it."We are stronger than we give ourselves credit for."
- I was so touched by this, as I am by every comment here. My response is echoed by everyone else's; Thank you for this. I needed it, and it meant a lot to me. I feel an amazing connection to everyone here, and I love the spirit of this organization and everyone involved.
- its very hard to cope with it feels like a whole in ur heart yes u can make urself busy but when i put my head down to sleep is when reality hit
- remember the stars
- we should try our best to make it better for every one


  1. Good blog and good texts! I think you're so original!
    Good music too :)

  2. wow! awwh thank you so much :) yay! that's very kind :D