24 April 2010

I'm not into HipHop nor football, it's just not my cup of tea. There are maybe few exceptions and for this guy I make one with pleasure. K'naan. I'm amazed about his story and his powerful lyrics. Let me tell about him. There are so many wannabe gangster rappers out there with their ridiculous gold chains and naked chicks in their videos rapping piece of shallow shit. But there also is a number of HipHop musicians who have a big personality and really a story to tell like K'naan. He's from Mogadishu in Somalia where's an ongoing civil war since 1991. He spent his life avoiding death and managed to flee to Canada as a teenager and somehow to get the great deal to sing his song "Wavin flag" as anthem for the worldcup 2010 in South Africa. Rad!
Listen to him, he has something to say.

 "I'm poor, a refugee been in prison and survived a war. I come from, the most dangerous city in this universe.You're likely to get shot at birth, so how could rap quench my thirst?," the rapper proclaims as he questions his desire to be an emcee in the midst of his harsh reality."

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