27 June 2010

Happy Summer

"Luck is when an opportunity comes along and you're prepared for it."
 Denzel Washington

Nice sunny day. Motorcycling is fun I've discovered. Staying up for no reason and watching the sunrise too.
It's only ignorance and fixed beliefs that blind people, why not change it, let go of your beliefs, you just have to want it and there is the challenge. Some people just don't wanna change, maybe they're lazy, saying they're too busy, being frightened to face the truth when they'd have to deal with it or saying it's fucking bullshit. Well if being happy is fucking bullshit then you did something wrong. Depressed people wanna stay depressed. I know what I'm talking about. But isn't it much better to overcome its weaker self and start to enjoy things instead of wallowing in self-pity all the time? You can't be moaning and be miserable and expect your life to change. And there is not a single instance in history where hate has brought joy to human beings. Hate destroys those who hold it in their minds and bodies. 
Think about it.

"Think of all the beauty still around and be happy."
Anne Frank

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