7 June 2010


This is not fake, Laura took it. Proud. Actually the only one left of our photos.
Gareth stole it before our robbery because it was that fuckin awesome.

Isn't it just amazing that the right people at the right time and the right place make a perfect life moment. People randomly thrown together from all over the world for one moment and you're enjoying the best possibly party. One big family. Yeah, this is quality of life. Having massive fun. Istanbul was one those moments. I fully loved it.
Even though I'm sick, meh nevermind. My body apparently just couldn't handle the extremes and the stress caused by the unfunny things happened to us. Like robbing our stuff including our camera. That's why I don't even have a picture to show you. 800  priceless memories only left in my head. But this is part of travelling and adventure, it makes a hell of a lot better story, so let's the story begin:

28/29.05.2010- Laura and I driving to Salzburg waiting from 2am till 7 am, realizing Internet is bullshit, catching the train earlier at 4.30 am to Budapest. Meeting my friend Anna for 2 hours in Salzburg in the meantime, nice one. In Budapest staying for 2 hours, I found hungarian money at home, 10 years old. That's why we could afford a marvellous breakfast by our standards for 10 Euro. We felt like kings. Yumyumyum. But we ordered without knowing that 2 bills didn't exist anymore. Oops. Though we made it to pay it to the cent, lucky bums. No tip for the waiter then, sorry.
Further to Serbia, Belgrad. There we ran out of water, that would mean no water for the next 14 hours. They didn't accept Euros and to draw money only for peanuts wasn't worth it. And there it was, our miracle! A water spot next to our train to Greece. Awesome, all happy again. Yippie! Rescued our night. Sleeping train alias Serbian style, haha oh yes. Laura and I alone in the train compartement, window open all night, fresh air, fresh wipes for face, fotze, feet, perfect smiling pillow, eyes closed, snoozing, breathing happiness. ENJOYING.

30.05.2010- Arrived in Greece, Thessaloniki. 36 hours behind us. 30 degrees. 30 kg. 7 hours stop. There they told us "line to Turkey is destroyed". No train to Istanbul, maybe in 2 weeks again. In 2 weeks?? We bursted out laughing. Is this the end? Okay first a cigarette and then let's see. The woman at the info point gave us a map of Greece in greek to find a bus going to Turkey. Haha. Nice. First we hadn't planned any extra money besides bread and water and second good we could decipher the phoenician font, not. However we had a brilliant idea. Back to Serbia over Bulgaria to Istanbul. But then it became even better. There was a train going straight to Sofia. Yeah baby high five. Interrail ticket rules, we thought. How the whole thing turned into a disaster, tomorrow.  

I just like the idea of playing in the woods

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