17 June 2010

"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so."
William Shakespeare

Pictured Fences 1 from Mntl Gassi on Vimeo.

When a big chance occurs in your life it forces you to change direction. Sometimes the new path may not be easy, but you can be absolutely certain that there is a magnificence for you on the new path because it contains things that you could not have experienced otherwise, even if it might seem very surreal and desperate at one instant. But when we look back at a negative event that occurred in the past, we often see how in fact it transformed our life. We see how that event directed us to word a life that we would not change for anything.

Last but not least the end of my adventure:
4.- 6.06.10:  Friday, guys left to the airport, Laura and I made it to bed at 11.00 am? The other people in our dorm must've been wondering why we always only showed off in the morning, not at night....in the evening we packed and off to the bus station. Taking the bus from Istanbul to Plovdiv, Bulgaria. I know. We didn't have a choice. Actually we wanted to go back via Romania, Slovakia and Czech Republic in the first place but nevermind. If they even haven't been able to make a simple reservation for one train, it woulndn't have worked out for three more. So we decided to drive back via Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria. Then from Plovdiv to Sofia further by train. We just made it to the next stop and they kicked us out the train in Pazardzhik. If you know where on earth this place is, please tell me because it looked like nowhere. And why did we have to leave the train? No reservation. And why didn't we have one? They didn't understand at the counter, in their own country, that we need and wanna buy one. Sitting there in this godforsaken place next to a scary gypsyish witch, we tried again to make a reservation, instead we got 2 new train tickets we didn't accept and were told rubbish, so we gave up and just took another train where the same problem occurred. No reservation. So we tried to explain everything with hand signals and I just think after a certain time the conductors were fed up with it theirselves, they let us stay. Oh and we broke a young's boy heart so heavily that we thought he's gonna start to cry every moment. Still big thanks to you Mitkov for your sincere attempt to help and protect us.

After hours arrived in Serbia. In Belgrad we felt safe, nothing can happen to us anymore but we didn't have the slightest idea those are gonna be the last pictures we would ever take by this camera. Night, sleeping train, straight to Austria, hurray. Out of a sudden I got a message, "Dear customer, your flatrate is herewith canc *some text missing*" oh well, no phone from now on. And then it happened, my stuff got stolen. I were woken up by the border police still in Croatia. Passport please. And I couldn't find my bag. After ten minutes we all realized it's stollen. I sat down apathetically. Fuck I know it's stupid but all my life was in there. My Ipod, my passport with all the stamps of all the countries, my train ticket, my notebook with all my thoughts and addresses and yeah my wallet and among all my documents, a german penny from the year 1895! No passport, no ticket meant staying in Croatia or Slovenia forever. I was done, buggered. It was simply impossible to steal our things as they were lying next to our sleeping faces and this was so damn fucking far from the door, too scary to imagine how and where and what they did exactly in our compartment. But suddenly the police found my bag!!!!!!! In the filthy toilet bin!!!!!!! I looked inside, "only" my wallet was gone, kind of release....wanky yet, especially as we realized Laura's digi cam is gone as well. This was like the worst thing ever, it felt as if we haven't been anywhere the last 10 days.
It still sucks massively though but hey!  It's long over, we managed to get back some of our pics, nothing worse happened, we're still alive and life's going on right. So there is nothing better than laughing, it makes all bad things disappear :)

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