15 October 2010

Damn yeah!

Oh my god, I can't believe how I neglected my blog. I need to organise, everything. I need a structure. Too much chaos. Haven't managed to create a working system yet in those busy days.


Even though it's going nicely, it could go much better.

Uni is ace, lessons, teachers, classmates. I enjoy it loads. Many songs to learn during the week, it keeps you busy. Been to Laser Quest on Monday due to Chris Birthday, big fun! On Tuesday I had to perform twice at LPW which turned out to be a complete success! I didn't only get positive feedback from my 3 tutors but from my fellow students as well. Wow. I'd  have never expected nor experienced something like this. People who know the music business in and out, who know what they're talking about, being enthusiastic about my performance. I got one P, one M and for the large rest only D's which is the highest mark ever. Overwhelming, especially when Kieron Pepper is giving you the marks. It makes it kinda more high-grade personally. I think it's fair enough to say , regarding my uphill struggle and stony way  to get to this point of my life, I'm proud of myself. It's really paying off now. I appreciate it so much. I'm living the dream seriously. 

Easy tasks don't make skilled artists

Cauliflower [Does it Offend You, Yeah Remix] by le sac Vs Pip

The Astounding Earnest Brace (iTunes Bonus Track) by le sac Vs Pip

Highly important mister is coming tomorrow. I can't wait. Sooooooo excited. 

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