22 October 2010

My school is still fantastic, I'm really having fun. Music Music Music. What more could one want?! Ah I love it even though I'm busy as fuck but hey no sweet without sweat right. 
Today happened something awesome, it put a big fat smile on my face. I went to Tesco ( supermarket) and wanted to buy something to eat with my last pennies I own. I went to the self-service machine and it wouldn't scan my food. Makes me think maybe it's just me making them not working haha. Anyway I called a woman and she pressed loads of buttons, asked me if that's all I want, put it in a bag and said go, it's alright. For a second I wasn't moving but then realised she just gave me it for free and walked off!!!!!!!!  In those situations there is no time for stupid questions, you just have to accept it and I did for sure haha. Although I still don't know why I had not to pay for it, I definitely love this Tesco woman! Thanks :)  

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