10 December 2010

Basically, I just wish everyone to be happy. Imagine if everybody would be utterly happy and completely in peace with himself and one with our nature, what the world would be like. Only tears of joy, respect, appreciation, good naturedness, pure love, pure hearts. Yeah, that's my wish. If everyone would be happy, nobody would hurt me and nobody would hurt you. Because nobody would have any reason to do so. Most people hurting others only derives from jealousy, hatred, stupidness, indifference, fear and so on. Most people are very unhappy with themselves and need to project their misery on other people by hurting them in order to feel better, to feel they have still power, they're worth something. This is so wrong. Or maybe they just bored. Then I wish everyone a happy and excited life full of loving and caring, motivation, growing and candy explosions. Thanks.   

The other thing is amazing because strangely enough, every guy I fancy is not interested in me. They all rather seem to run away from me. And everybodyelse, I don't fancy, wants to hook up with me. Sigh. A friend once told me, I'm like a danger zone. Everyone feels attractive to me but most of them are afraid of getting burned. Oh dear. What else can I do than hope and live on?

 'Not knowing whether to wait or to forget is the worst kind of suffering'


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