6 January 2011

"No sleeping. Wise thoughts thinking....lots of lots of quite a lot. Writing them down and sorting by priorities, effects, causes, reasons, backgrounds, consequences, values, feasibility, reality and illusion"- my friend Agnes Lazar

and this photo makes me laugh so much!
HIS face and my mouth full of bread and ketchup!
I discovered this unexpected picture in the bus back home and couldn't stop laughing.

I forgot to write about some other important things happened back in old scotland, like putting the phone in a plastic bag and throwing it on the roof to get signal is one of them. Or water flashing down from the light bulb. Or eating haggis for the first time, the traditional scottish meal. Or me wasted thing passing out on a tree after climbing it and waking up after letting my phone fall or was it my camera?

What I know for sure though, this video is pretty damn cool!

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