14 February 2011

all this time
the sun never says to the earth,

“You owe me.”

what happens
with a love like that–

it lights
the whole world.

– Hafiz

I'm gonna have one of these gypsy wagons, I will.


  1. Eva :) these pictures are so amazing, the last ones my fav. i hope your okay and feeling a little better, that coldplay song (below) has been in my head all day after listening this morning x x x

  2. i know, remember as we were at the bristol museum & art gallery thingy and we saw a gypsy wagon there? since then i couldnt forget the idea of having one. a turquoise one. yeah the song is beautific, isnt it. it describes how i feel. need to be fixed cause for some reason i have major difficulties to restore myself by my own. whatever, have a good one x x x

  3. One of my passions too. My mother owned one when she was young, and I've always wanted one myself. My very first 'school' was in one, in a wood in Sussex (stories, plastercine, painting). I tried to buy one here in France recently, but the owner wouldn't sell. I'll get one, one day!

  4. omg that sounds fantastic :)! I bumped into your blog as I was looking for some gypsy wagons online and I read this story. Love this thought of adventure, amazing and exciting. Kind of jealous ;) And you know what? You'll get one for sure, just believe strong enough and keep looking! I will too!