13 March 2011

"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important that fear." – Ambrose Redmoon

"Faith dares us to take a step into uncertainty and then pushes us to take yet another step. It takes brutal honestly to admit to ourselves that the future is often unclear. I think there is beauty in being willing to blindly persist through all life has to offer. I would rather hope and trust in tomorrow than arrogantly worry about finding all the answers. Faith asks us to believe in something beyond our own personal pursuits, to push our boundaries. We have been blessed with hearts that know no limit to faith; we can always give a little more of ourselves.

I try to stop and remind myself of this from time to time."

- Joe

"Each of us at some point in our journey goes through times that are hard, and those “bruises” leave an impact on the rest of our lives. We can never completely forget about the darkness we walk through, but we can continue to hope. We can hope for a better tomorrow, a day where the bruises are less noticeable. They will always be a part of us but we can learn from them, grow from them into people we want to be. We hope that these bruises don’t define us, and the truth is that they don’t. They will always be a part of us but never who we are.

We just have to hope and work toward a day when those bruises no longer consume us. To believe in the possibility of a better tomorrow."

- Alyssa

Photos I found on my memory stick, Varia annoyed of me taking pics haha! 

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