30 March 2011

HAHAHAHA this is sooo cute, it made me laugh really hard 

As I'm pretty much confined to bed, I have the time to find thousands of things on the internet. Too many things, I always find something interesting. But maybe first my friend's legend declaration of love to me, best one ever. It's too good. THIS made me smile forever. Love you!      
"And apart from that...you know what you are for me..?! You are everything what "Family guy" is for me...there are many series I like...there's even a bunch which I call my favourites, but there is only one which makes me piss my pants...there's only one show which makes me laugh out loud and cry like a baby! You are that for me! I was sitting here during the day and started laughing like a maniac when I read your previous message...thanks for making me laugh, always! Gosh, and the story about your .......it's so not funny, but told by you it's just awesome! I like the fact that we can laugh about shit like that for ages...makes it a bit more worth it, doesn't it?!" 
Never seen so many different effects pedals at once, seen it on some live videos by this band. Nice!  

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