1 March 2011

"He who never lived in immoderateness, can't set limits for himself either. "

Auditions done! Afterwards pub time at 12.30 pm well- deserved, good times, and arriving at next lesson an entire hour late with no excuse. A little punk attitude is alright hey ho, haha!
Such high standard and quality performances this term! Impressed! Love performing, as intimidating as it can get sometimes when you're always being judged on your performances and vocals by other musicians and pros and this every single day, facing criticism. Productive criticism. But even nicer when you get great feedback, then you know you've done it really good! And at the end of the day it's all about fun and enjoying what you doing and I do it so much.
Forgot to tell about Saturday. House party with a roof garden and Dj's. Dancing leads to HAPPY faces. The crowd was amazing. Our jaws were aching.

And this song is killer!! How could I forget about it?! Makes my wildest heart coming out!  RAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!   

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  1. Well done for your audition. When my youngest son was doing something similar at Brighton Uni; his work was judged at gigs. Pubs mostly!

    I like the graphics!