27 March 2011


To not dare is to have already lost. We should seek out ambitious, even unrealistic things because things only happen when we dream. And Pablo Picasso said " if you know exactly what you're going to do, what is the point of doing it?" Very true. You never can be entirely sure what happens next. Nothing wrong about being a bit prepared though, it's just you don't really have control over it, you find new things on the way doing it. And to imagine, to dream is only the beginning. Let it happen.Things lead to things. Growing. Circling. Disappearing.Coming back. And the mind is a tricky character. But the trouble for me, I've realised, it's rather other people minds who are sneakily manipulating with their so little knowledge about a heart of gold or the true things in life and without noticing my mind is sliding to this fixed social mind thinking box, I once managed to escape. I need to come back to this place of inner freedom. The invincible radiant happy warm cheeky- smile- being- above- things-there-is-much- more- behind- it assurance inside of me.
Alright, good night my lovers, you should feel lucky to have someone who's waiting for you when you come home, who gives you a cuddle when you need it, who shares your sorrow and fills you with love.
Don't need a cash machine to make our days happy loobee loobee loobee loo

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