21 March 2011

Where to start! So much happened the last couple of days. Right.
Back in Germany for the holidays. Been at a friend's gig.
15 different shots. Punk and Rock'N'Roll.
Pogo, dancing, laughing. Burning my hand as I tried to set an old coal on fire with my deodorant and lighter. Climbing trees. 
Driving home at sunrise. 


Baby you look good                                            
I want to see you dance                                       
Let your hair fly                                                  
when you're spinning round                                                              
Let your anger out                                                                                    
and just leave everything else as it is                   
here and now                                                      
with this rythm as a law                                         

You're so not fancy-schmancy                                   
's not something, you're seeing every day               
You're so strange, rare                                         
and that's what I like about you                             
You're putting of your shoes                                 
You want to rock in your socks
Let the anger out
You're looking so good doing it, yeah!

Please, stay like that

don't let yourself be talked into
turning everything around, no!
I'm against it
Where we're going
you don't need no masterplan
The dust at your feet
is greeting you dearly of me, Hey!

Baby, you look good
I want to see you dance!
Baby, you look good
I want to see you dance!
Baby, I want to see you, you
dance, faster and faster!
Baby I want you you you you you!

Every week  we get a "Monday's Vocalist Motivator" Email from our Tutor Martin. This was in my inbox today.

A person who dreams large but doesn’t effectively test reality ends up living in a fantasy world. A person who tests reality well but doesn’t nurture large dreams lives paralyzed in the ordinary world. A person who manages to do both occupies the only heaven heavenly enough to suit our creative soul, a heaven where creative projects are incubated and made manifest in the crucible of reality. From The Van Gogh Blues

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