9 April 2011

Had something like a date yesterday, exciting times :) !

Other than that I found this incredible site full of treehouses. Seriously, a gyspy waggon and a treehouse and my life is complete. I couldn't decide which one is better. Every single one is sick. Here just a few.


  1. Wow....I want to live in a tree. The one that looks like a castle.

  2. Oh boy... Dreams. I've had a past that was sprinkled with Gypsy Caravans, but never actually owned one. We recently tried to buy one but the owner didn't want to sell. However, we're just in the process of buying a big old tobacco drying barn, and some land surrounding it. On the land is a HUGE Oak tree, in which I'm going to build a tree-house. You've given me plenty of ideas!!!!! FABULOUS.

  3. woah that sounds awesome Cro :) !!! YES! of course, do it! I've posted the link above where I found the treehouses. You'll definitely get even more inspirations. Enjoy.