30 April 2011

‎"If the wind will not serve, take to the oars." – Latin Proverb

Yesterday I went to a gig to the O2 Academy in Bristol to see four bands as halfway through the gig the power cut out and all the people were kicked out the building and the whole thing got cancelled. While standing there in a back yard and waiting for something to happen, Bring me the Horizon who didn't get the chance to play, suddenly climbed onto a shipping container outside and decided to start an acoustic set spontaneously in front of 1600 fans. Fucking epic. Kind of historical moment, a once in a life time experience, I mean how often does it happen to witness a hardcore band sitting on a container and playing  their screaming songs in acoustic for the very first time?! Never haha. And this only shows BMTH cared enough for their fans to stay and to try making it up for us for something they had no control over instead of just buggering off. Obviously everybody was gutted not being able to see every band but this performance made my night really! Thanks guys!   

Later on Sam from the Archtiects joined in!


  1. Great moment. Reminds me of The Beatles in rooftop New York.

    Hope you got your money back!!

  2. Hello:
    Right place, right time. Seldom happens but you were lucky!

  3. Yes I was! And they rescheduled the gig for Tuesday, so it's all good :) !