8 May 2011

Crazy week. Epic nights out. Great fun. Great advert.

If you really want something, you shouldn't only rely on others.You have to make sure you'll get it. If you're undecided what to do or don't care too much about it, then you can rely on others and see what happens. That's the way I'm doing it. Otherwise I wouldn't have seen great things or missed out on others. And that's why I got to see Jamie XX last sunday. If it wasn't me, I wouldn't have seen him. There was this Simple Things Festival going on in Bristol, unfortunately it was too expensive so we tried to get on the guestlist and waited the whole day for an answer, unsuccessful. That meant like the end of it, my friends wanted to go home but I said no. Before I haven't tried anything possible I wasn't going to give up. I left my friends, walked to the venue, got me a wristband for free from other guys on the street, queued up for an hour and as the security chased everybody off because of overcrowding, I stayed, came up with a life and death story and got in. The only one. Yes. Nothing's impossible.

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