14 May 2011

“Each second we live is a new and unique moment of the universe, a moment that will never be again. And what do we teach our children? We teach them that two and two make four, and that Paris is the capital of France. When will we also teach them what they are? We should say to each of them: Do you know what you are? You are a marvel. You are unique. In all the years that have passed, there has never been another child like you. Your legs, your arms, your clever fingers, the way you move. You may become a Shakespeare, a Michelangelo, a Beethoven. You have the capacity for anything. Yes, you are a marvel. And when you grow up, can you then harm another who is, like you, a marvel?" Pablo Picasso

Mike has been playing with me together at some gigs and this is his band Maya. Definitely worth checking them out. He's the guitarist with the cute white rabbit hat haha.
Otherwise I'm doing pretty good. I'm hardly ever at home, lots of nights out, rehearsals, Uni. Good times.


  1. Wow..that is one high energy group...loving the ear plugs and the rabbit hat (sort of looks like some sort of alien antennae).

  2. Good tight band, good drummer. It's always a good sign not to spend too much time at home!!!