23 May 2011

"The true test of character is not how much we know how to do, but how we behave when we don't know what to do."
John Holt

I've spent my weekend with amazing friends at this massive Stokes Croft Streetfest. Selling self-made cupcakes, dancing on the streets where people just put out their PA's outside and played music, it was great. What a feeling. Less funny was queueing up for an hour in the pouring rain but hey. Even though this party took place only on saturday, I didn't come home until this morning. I had way too much fun to leave my friend's house. We had such a blast.

I think it's amazing how much joy and happiness "just" a double rainbow can bring to one person. It's hilarious hahahahaha bless him :)  

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  1. What was that guy on? If it had been filmed in the 60's, I'd have guessed ACID!