29 June 2011

Chilling in sunny Clifton after my last exam, enjoying sun and freedom. What a feeling.
 So that was it. Professional Diploma done. Now holidays till October and going back to Germany next week for summer. YEAH! But as much as I couldn't wait for this relieved moment, being free from essays and exams, it's still really sad this great year is over. It's been legendary and lots of people aren't staying on for the BA and are leaving. Mixed feelings.

Anyway, I can't stop watching this trailer. So so nice! I'm so going to watch this movie! 

Intentio - Trailer from Loic Wirth on Vimeo.


  1. Enjoy the summer...you've earned it.

  2. awh thank you so much :) !

  3. And there was me, thinking you were at Glasto...

  4. haha i wish Cro!! but there was no way due to lack of money and assignements. Next year I'm definitely planning to go though :)