7 July 2011


I forgot about the gig I went to this time last wednesday. Mind-blowing!! Human pyramids, Frank Carter performing on the bar and bleeding from his forehead, walls of death, circle pits, everyone climbing poles and hanging off the ceiling. So much fun and it was so honest. And Frank is hilarious, he could get away as a comedian. Perfect show. More of it please!

Last weekend was wicked. Some amazing scottish friends came down to Bristol and we headed with our special self-made cup cakes on a trolley towards St.Pauls Carnival and sold them. Once again everybody in the city was dancing on the streets. Vibrating is an understatement. One love for sure.

On monday I met Steve, a psychologist, energy healer and spiritual teacher. I talked with him about lot of stuff and he looked into my energy fields. He removed all black blockages and what he basically said was that he's actually never seen something like that before in his life. I had very special energy fields configurations, very unusual and one of the biggest, pinkest  expansive hearts, full of pure love, he ever met. He also said I shouldn't worry, it doesn't mean I'm a weirdo he would call it special haha. He said those are magical energies in me and he was totally excited about it. Oh bless him, he's so nice.  

Yesterday I left Bristol for the summer but managed to miss my flight. Buggeration. It wasn't my fault though, the bus was an hour late, the tube to the airport wouldn't be on time either and apologised at every stop for further delays and eventually I got kicked out the train by some guards because I had a wrong ticket. Funnily enough, at the same time some good things happened. I got a call from mum that I got a job for the next 2 months, the guards turned out to be really sorry and nice and seriously tried to help me out and the man from british airways sold the flight ticket 60 pounds cheaper. Still. Waste of money spending on a new flight when I could have gone with my first one. 
But it's really funny, this has been happening to me all the time recently. Good and bad things combined together. No ups and downs as per usual. Rather a collision of both sides, trying to challenge each other. Weird stuff.

Here's a really nice acoustic version by a swedish band.
They're just enjoying it. It's all about fun. Cool lads. 

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  1. Good to hear you've got rid of your black blockages. I'm hanging on to mine; they've served me well over the years.

    Great band. Tight. Intelligent. And bananas too.