24 July 2011

This is fucked up.

First the attack in Norway and then Amy Winehouse.
I know there is a human being dying every second, so is every second a new born coming into our world. 
I'm also aware of the situation in Africa right now and I'm genuinely sorry.
But I think it's easier for us to relate to teenagers in Europe then people in Africa dying in a desert due to lack of water and food.
Innocent young people on holiday, gone. Just like that. Only because of one sick Nazi cunt. Tragedy.

And I know the death of Amy wasn't really unexpected.She struggled a lot lately. It's still incredibly sad nonetheless and it hit me hard as I heard about her death. I am shocked. I loved her from the first moment on. I'm not that kind of person who first ripped her apart and now suddenly cries cause she's gone. That's so wrong and hypocritical. I've always been a fan of her. Besides all her drug and alcohol abuse, man she was a, no actually THE amazingly talented singer. One of a kind. Yes she went over the top and yes she behaved totally irresponsibly and unprofessionally in the last few years but so did Jimi, Janis, Jim and Kurt. The drugs turned them into wrecks.  
Such a waste. Such a waste.

Cherry, my favourite song.


  1. Very very sad. Unfortunately the idiots who showed her how to push her self-destruct button are still with us, and able to enjoy their lives.

  2. Yes, it's been a rough rough weekend.