31 December 2009

Freudvoll und leidvoll,                      Blissful and tearful,
gedankenvoll sein.                           with thought-teeming brain.
Hangen und bangen                          Hoping and fearing
in schwebender Pein.                        in passionate pain.
Himmelhoch jauchzend,                    Now shouting in triumph,
zum Tode betrübt.                            now sunk in despair.
Glücklich allein die Seele,                 With love's thrilling rapture
die liebt.                                          What joy can compare.

   Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
           (Egmont, 3. Akt)

New Year's Eve. Today. I think this date is being overrated. Everybody's expecting something huge. Hey relax, it's just another party. It's been an exciting but rough year for me though. When I look back, I've learned and done surprisingly a lot. Things that I enjoy. I've worked at a big radiostation, I've travelled to 5 different countries I've never been to before, I've been to tonnes of concerts and seen over 90 bands this year. And all this with hardly any pennies in my pockets. Damn good feeling :D
Next year may come, the year of the tiger, that's me :) this will be MY year guys!

Oh silly boy you better run to me.....


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