25 January 2010

I must have been 8 or 9 years old, primary school. This quite famous children's book writer should come and visit our class. Therefore we prepared lots of stuff, some of us were drawing or crafting something pretty and the others were reenacting a play of his book to perform it for him. A huge event and excitement for kids at this age of course! Right. I was in the drama group, sure thing, and wanted to show my abilities as an actress so badly. But there was one thing missing, a director who manages the whole bunch. Unexpected all kids and even my teacher decided without asking me ,just like that, I should do the job. I wasn't keen at all. Democracy sucked suddenly. I felt like getting a raw deal because I was sure nobody would appreciate my part of work if nobody could see me performing . There were those two groups and I was, however, "only" the director, kind of misfit. How unfair! I was very sad about the situation but did my job thoroughly without showing my hurt little heart :) anyway the author arrived, everybody was doing its part and I was the only one who didn't have a chance to impress the writer as I was just sitting there watching. I felt awful. And then this big surprise came. Afterwards he signed autographs and asked out of a sudden who actually was responsible for the awesome play he just saw. And this was me! In front of everybody he thanked me and  honoured my work by writing the most and kindest words in my book. This was my reward. This made me feel special. I got the most attention of the author. I was highly proud and happy.
Why I'm telling this story is because it's a nice example how it works sometimes. How life works. And sometimes it's better to suffer in silence than shouting it from the housetops.

This song awakes old memories in me.

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