24 January 2010

I have no idea what's happening. At the start on this blog I had far too much to say , so I tried to keep it "short" and suddenly I have way to little to tell. Hm. Just a phase I hope!
Anyway it was only friday and its already monday morning now. Don't ask me where the time went? Saturday evening was pretty cool and funny, catching up on night life in my old home district, sober though, didn't mind. Met loads of old friends. I still had my clumsy lapses, an old school mate I haven't seen for about 7 years I had to spill his full drink over us both at the first moment we met, my cellphone which was 100 % in my bag, was found somewhere on the floor by a stranger asking me if the two pieces of a phone belonging to me and oh well old stories as slipping and stuff. Good that I still can laugh about myself that much.

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