15 January 2010

I love poppies. I love the flowers, I love the word, I love the colour. A  bright strong red. I have no idea why. I don't think I like them just because it serves for making Opium, do I ? Maybe it's the contrast to the green or to the sky. What I definitely know is I so wish to lie in a field of wild poppies right now, to smell the scent, to touch the warm ground, the endless blue sky above me and the yellow sun tickling my nose. Ohhh would that be lovely!!

Back to concerts. Yes, if  a really good band's playing I try anything. I don't care. If I'm skint and thats what I am most of the time, I'll find a way even if I have to lend some money from my friends, I usually spend my last penny on a gig, I don't mind having no food for the next 5 days, walking with my perforated chucks through high snow till my toes dying off or waiting for hours for the next public transport. It's my passion, it makes me happy to see people like me enjoying good music together and be part of it. A sense of togetherness I belong to for one night.

That's why you need to set priorities in your life and weigh up what's really important to you. I know what is for me.
Sometimes you have to put up with a lot if you wanna achieve something.  I have to. And still not afraid to give up. Several are. That's why they stop or don't even start. I'm not saying I'm not scared. I am. That one who is not afraid, doesn't have courage either. If you're afraid you jump out the window. The brave feels frightened but doesnt let him scare away. In life you need to show some courage, to take some risks to get further. Courage pictures the ways shorter. Don't cut down on things only through fear. Fear disappears and regret stays forever! So what are you still waiting for?
Do it, go! Life's too short to be normal.

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