11 January 2010

I cant stand people who's entire purpose in life apparently is that they have to moan about everything. It's bad when it snows, it's bad when the sun shines. It's bad when the earth spins. It's bad when it doesn't. It's bad when you're late, it's bad when you're early. It's bad when you laugh, it's bad when you don't. ARGHH!! Sure there are moments when you're pissed off or when something bothers you. But not all the time, all your life! Those people are always upset, they seem not to enjoy anything.The best thing about it is funnily enough that those same are the first to save their own bacon when it matters. Although they purport to hate life. Strange, isn't it?
I'm just tired to listen to all the bullshit, I think some of them adopt all the negativity from the media. Catastrophes, crime, bad bad news as far as they eye can reach! Of course you mustn't blink a fact, in no case! You should be active and not only complaining. But it shouldn't control you!

By the way we infact live in a media overloaded, consumer, dog -eat -dog and money society. I'm as much involved as you. But is isn't that bad if you listen to this little advice:

Live with your century but do not be its creature!!

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